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Qatar Race Review: Stoner Dominates

April 14th, 2009

I had an excruciating self-imposed 24-hours MotoGP news blackout while I waited for US TV network, Speed, to show the race from Qatar. I’m not going to provide a full recap here, there are plenty of places on the web you can get those, I’m just going to give you some of my thoughts on the race.

As I predicted Stoner won, and he did so in dominant fashion. He was in the lead from the beginning and when it looked like Rossi might be getting a bit closer, Casey just got faster. He made it look easy and left no doubts that his wrist is in fine shape. It looks like he is going to be very tough to beat this year.

Unfortunately, the gaps between the first four riders, at about 7 seconds between each one, didn’t make for a very exciting race for podium spots. I’m hoping this doesn’t continue all season. We need more battles like the one we saw at Laguna-Seca last year between Stoner and Rossi. I’m sure Rossi will get back into it soon enough and give Casey a hard time.

It still looks like Mika Kallio is going to be the rookie of the year this season. He put in a solid performance coming in 8th, and is showing people that Casey is not the only one who can ride the Ducati.

Dani Pedrosa put in a valiant effort. It was a very scary moment when De Angelis bumped him on the same side as his injured knee, but it looks like Dani got out of the scrape relatively unscathed. It looks like that bump slowed him down a little, but he still managed to pick up 5 valuable championship points.

Hopefully the race in Japan in two weeks will be a little closer.

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